Sun optics Co., Ltd dedicate to designing and manufacturing high quality precision optical components

Right Angle Prism
Cylindrical lens
Aspherical lens

Products include Zero Order and Multiple Order Waveplates (Crystal Quartz), Achromatic Waveplates (Crystal Quartz and Magnesium Fluoride MgF2), Lenses, Mirrors, Windows, Filters, Prisms, Beamsplitters, Beam Combiners, Polarizers, Precision Optical Flats, and much more.

Sun optics makes high quality optics for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Research Facilities, Universities, Government Labs and Prime Defense Contractors for use by all branches of the Military and Aerospace.

Our standard Waveplates are made of high quality Crystalline Quartz and are available from stock in a large assortment of different wavelengths as well as dual order Waveplates. They are available in different sizes, shapes, wavelengths and coatings to suit any application. Multiple Order Waveplates consist of a single Quartz plate, while Zero Order and achromatic Waveplates are constructed of two plates that are oriented so that the optical axes are orthogonal.

Sun optics's Standard Waveplates are air spaced; cemented and contacted Waveplates are also available. Zero order Waveplates are far less sensitive to temperature changes.

Sun optics offers precision lenses of many types: Convex, Concave, Spherical, Cylindrical, Ball and Drum or Barrel. is a major producer of prisms, including a standard line of right angle micro prisms as well as custom prisms, which are made according to customers' specifications. also offers many types of Prisms and Cube Beamsplitters, both polarizing and non-polarizing. also provides Plate Beamsplitters.

Optical Mirrors, Windows and Filters

Precision Optical Mirrors, Windows and Filters are supplied to manufacturers of precision optical devices.

Sun optics is a precision optics manufacturer offering short lead times, excellent products, and competitive prices.

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